Holiday Gift List for the New Yorker Who Has it All

As Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching, less than week is left until gifts are presented to family and loved ones. The holidays often can be fraught with many decisions to make. Those who live in the five boroughs may seem to have it all; therefore, gift giving can be quite the challenge. I’m here to make it easier for you. Whether they are a minimalist or have everything they could possibly need, here is your list of gifts that won’t take up precious space in their tiny apartment.

Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • For the artist in your life: Whatever their medium, your favorite artist could always benefit from a little inspiration by having an annual museum membership. From larger institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, starting at $80, and the Museum of Modern Art, starting at $85, to more tailored collections like the Rubin Museum, starting at $65, there is something for every art lover. You can also gift them money towards a drink and draw, where they can do exactly that.
  • For the animal lover: A donation to an animal shelter, such as the Humane Society or similar can go a long way. Additionally, for a budding zoologist, a membership to the Wildlife Conservation Society, with access to zoos such as the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo, might be appreciated.
Succulents at the New York Botanic Garden.
  • For the outdoors aficionado: Someone who loves the outdoors (and lives in Manhattan or the Bronx) would appreciate a membership to the New York Botanical Gardens, or membership to another garden if they live in the outer boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island).
  • For the musician: Concert tickets or a membership to their favorite concert venue, like Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center (which also offers $20 tours), could get them access to better seats and previews.
  • For the cinephile: If they don’t already have it, a membership to a movie streaming service would be a big hit. Otherwise, give them movie ticket coupons, or a gift basket of movie-themed snacks.
Tasty Thai cooking class at Taste Buds Kitchen.
  • For the foodie: A cooking class or pre-made mix that they can easily cook up will be appreciated for those who are short on time and kitchen space. A few weeks ago I took a Thai cooking class at Taste Buds Kitchen, which was fun, and there’s a nice list on Gothamist of top cooking classes in NYC for more ideas. You can also get them an herb growing kit for their tiny window, or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  • For the techie: A gift card to their favorite tech store can get them closer to the latest gadget.
  • For those you really don’t know what to get: If they don’t have an obvious passion, get them a gift certificate to make a loan on Kiva, towards alleviating poverty, or Heifer International, towards alleviating hunger. Both organizations work with individuals towards self-sufficiency. You can also make a donation towards a nonprofit organization in their community.

What did you think of this list? Would you add anything to it? Leave a comment below!

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