The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Most New Yorkers have heard of Shakespeare in the Park, meaning the big festival in Central Park. I have had the fortune of attending performances the past two years and they were both spectacular. But a far fewer number have heard of or attended the free uptown iteration in Marcus Garvey Park. Not only does this company’s productions rival the renowned Public Theater’s shows, but … Continue reading The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

What I Missed About New York City

It’s been over a month since I last wrote a post, and since then I started a new marketing job and moved back into New York City! My new apartment is in Harlem, a few blocks south of my old neighborhood, Washington Heights, and so far I’m loving it. I am planning to blog more often now with my new routine and will be focusing on little … Continue reading What I Missed About New York City

The Tempest storms through Harlem

Originally written and published on Uptown Flavor, 7/24/2015 This summer’s uptown iteration of Shakespeare in the Park brought The Tempest to the island of Hispaniola. I have attended the Classical Theatre of Harlem’s summer Shakespeare productions for the past three years and I hope to see next summer’s production. I have absolutely loved everything I have seen with the company thus far and am continuously … Continue reading The Tempest storms through Harlem

What to Do In: New York City almost for Free (Essentials!)

I am back in my home state and have finished getting settled in. I truly love New York and I am glad to be back. I’ve missed the parks, the culture, and variety of vegetarian food options! Not to mention the quiet. I never thought I would say that! Yes, New York City with all its crowds and cars is quieter than Santo Domingo. In Santo Domingo, cars honk, motorcycles weave through the traffic to get to the front, vendors shout about their wares (Aguacate! Aguacate y guineo!!), and merengue blasts. In New York, there is a quiet hum that covers all — cars whooshing by, people talking on their phones or to eachother, but overall the sounds are not disruptive. I reveled in it yesterday.

New York Skyline from New Jersey
New York Skyline from New Jersey

When my friend from Italy, who I met in Santo Domingo, told me he would be stopping through New York City for a day and a half en route back home, he posed me with the question that makes every New Yorker question all that is dear: What should I do in New York? Continue reading “What to Do In: New York City almost for Free (Essentials!)”

What to Do In: Northern Manhattan

A friend was visiting from out of town last weekend, and we spent most of our time together in Harlem and my neighborhood, Washington Heights. First to start the weekend off right, we went to our favorite haunt, the Shrine, to see some great live music and dance to the DJ spinning African beats. The next day, we went to 116th Street. Why 116th Street … Continue reading What to Do In: Northern Manhattan