Life after KonMari

Since my return to the United States, after a year abroad, I have completely transformed my relationship with my belongings by following the KonMari method. The method requires going through your belongings by category (for example, clothes, papers, media, miscellaneous), and keeping only what “sparks joy” when you touch it. For those that aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, I’ve listed a few other links at … Continue reading Life after KonMari

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Streamlining my life: Purging the KonMari Way

I have been back in New York two weeks now after living in the Dominican Republic for a year. While re-acclimating to the culture and the pace of life, and catching up with friends and family, it continues to amaze me how easy it is to do things (calling a cab, going to a supermarket etc) and everything is in English! For now I am living with my family, but I am planning to move into the city within the next few months.

Crazily, during my first week back, I did a major purge. I had things at both of my parents’ houses that I hadn’t seen for a year. I had been living with only a few bags during my time abroad and I was able to function and dress myself every day. While I did pick up some household goods in the Dominican Republic, I left them all behind along with clothes and shoes I wouldn’t wear again. I also gave away all my books and school supplies. Knowing that I really did not need much to live comfortably, I was in the right mindset to overhaul everything I had collected (ahem, hoarded) in New York.

Bags packed and ready to go
My possessions in the Dominican Republic after 6 months, before moving to a new apartment.

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