What to Do In: Baní

I am back in New York, but there is a lot more to write about and reflect on my time in the Dominican Republic. There will be a few more DR posts this month, and then you can expect some fun guides from New York City! Thanks everyone for coming with me on this amazing journey.

What is there to do in Baní? Eat of course! Baní, a town just an hours’ drive west from Santo Domingo, is small, and is known for the Salinas salt mines and sand dunes. Additionally, Baní has amazing treats and local produce. A variety of mangos, my favorite fruit, are grown here and are famous throughout the country. Here are a few delicious bites sampled while spending a long weekend in Baní back in March.

Typical Dominican breakfast
Typical Domincian breakfast of fried eggs and mangu (boiled and mashed plantains).

Cheese Factory
Cheese Factory outside of Sombrero
Banilejo mangos
The famous Banilejo mangos
Fried fish
Fried fish
Our wonderful hosts
Our wonderful hosts seeing us off.

Our hosts were incredible and made sure we never went hungry. They made sure we returned to the capital with bags of mangos and other fruits.

On the way back to Santo Domingo, we stopped at the famous Dulceria Las Marias, which sold all kinds of Dominican candies – milk candies, coconut candies, cashew candies, and fresh juice. I picked up a few milk candies as gifts, and ate a chocolate brownie (my favorite dessert).

Dulceria Las Marias
Dulceria Las Marias

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