Lens on December 2018

The last month of the year is always a bit hectic, but was also filled with lots of family, food and fun city happenings. Restaurants Some new highlights this month around the city. Cafe Ollin (East Harlem) - Our new favorite Mexican place in the neighborhood! This low-key and low-priced eatery is welcoming and delicious. … Continue reading Lens on December 2018

Lens on November 2018

It was a busy month at work for me, but I still managed to enjoy lots of food, fun and even a trip out of the city (in addition to a family-filled Thanksgiving!) Restaurants A smattering of different cuisines this month, yum! Up Thai (Upper East Side) - delicious food in a nicely decorated setting … Continue reading Lens on November 2018

Unique New York: Open Garden Day NYC (Harlem style)

On Saturday, July 14, NYC Parks GreenThumb hosted the first ever Open Garden Day NYC! Over 70 community gardens across the five boroughs were all open at the same time, in celebration of GreenThumb’s 40th Anniversary. Gardens were either hosting a workshop, having a concert, or just being open for gardeners to give a tour … Continue reading Unique New York: Open Garden Day NYC (Harlem style)