The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Most New Yorkers have heard of Shakespeare in the Park, meaning the big festival in Central Park. I have had the fortune of attending performances the past two years and they were both spectacular. But a far fewer number have heard of or attended the free uptown iteration in Marcus Garvey Park. Not only does this company’s productions rival the renowned Public Theater’s shows, but … Continue reading The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

The Tempest storms through Harlem

Originally written and published on Uptown Flavor, 7/24/2015 This summer’s uptown iteration of Shakespeare in the Park brought The Tempest to the island of Hispaniola. I have attended the Classical Theatre of Harlem’s summer Shakespeare productions for the past three years and I hope to see next summer’s production. I have absolutely loved everything I have seen with the company thus far and am continuously … Continue reading The Tempest storms through Harlem

Throwback Thursday: Carnaval in La Vega

Think back to the month of February. In the United States, it is usually a snow-filled time, punctuated by chocolate candies and red hearts for Valentines Day (and the discounted candies on February 15!) However, in the Dominican Republic, February means celebration! Carnaval rules and each weekend, different cities have their own Carnaval celebration, leading up to Independence Day on February 27. Carnaval, in a nutshell, is a massive parade with Diablos Cojuelos (masked devils), loud Bachata, Merengue and Dembow music blasting, and lots of street food! Many countries have their own Caranaval, and they are each unique. If you are here in February, be sure to check out one of the parades.

With a Diablo
With a Diablo

To celebrate Carnaval, I went to a friends’ house in La Vega, which is known to have the best celebration. After a delicious traditional Dominican lunch, her cousin brought us to the parade. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Carnaval in La Vega”

No Longer Lost in Translation: Helpful Websites and Apps in Santo Domingo

Moving to a new country can be completely overwhelming, especially when traveling alone for work. First, one may have to navigate a new language and a new culture. Second, one needs to orient him or herself to a new city and country. Third, one needs to re-create a feeling of home. Moving from New York to the Dominican Republic has its own unique challenges. Dominican Spanish is spoken differently than the Spanish most people study in school. The country’s infrastructure is also different than that of the United States. And finally, as a newcomer, new habits and new favorite hangout spots must be discovered.

There are a few websites and mobile apps that I use to navigate the country, ranging from language apps, to bus company websites. Each serves its own purpose and have made my journey here easier. Continue reading “No Longer Lost in Translation: Helpful Websites and Apps in Santo Domingo”

This is Us – Youth Theater

Part of living in a community, to me, means giving back to the community and participating in its cultural life. As my neighborhood of Washington Heights is slowly becoming gentrified, as demonstrated by various new establishments, I am trying to become involved in some community-based efforts that enrich the neighborhood from the bottom up – from the community, for the community. As you may have … Continue reading This is Us – Youth Theater