Motivation Monday: The Inspirational Quotes I Gave My Students

When I was teaching English in the Dominican Republic, I liked to give my high school-level classes inspirational quotes for them to ponder as a starting activity. Sometimes this would turn into a discussion about historical figures and thought leaders, other times they’d add words to their vocabulary arsenal. Other times, they’d just learn Miss K’s life philosophy. I’ve been a Pinterest user for a … Continue reading Motivation Monday: The Inspirational Quotes I Gave My Students

Photoblog: Universities of Santo Domingo

I went to school in Binghamton, New York, where for about 75% of the time it was raining or snowing. I never studied abroad, and therefore spent five years on the same brick campus. Don’t get me wrong – in good weather, Binghamton can be a beautiful place. But once I set foot upon a campus in the Dominican Republic, I was immediately envious of the students here who study amidst palm trees, a breeze from the ocean, and in warm climates.

Universities are not the first place a tourist may visit in abroad, but they offer a unique look into the educational system and values of another country. Continue reading “Photoblog: Universities of Santo Domingo”

Finding my way

Last week marked six months here in la Republica. In five months, I’ve had two jobs, lived in five apartments and two cities, gone to four beaches, taken countless conchos (public cars), eaten innumerable quantities of tostones, and met so many amazing people. My feet have trekked the streets of Santiago, Santo Domingo, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Esperanza, Batey Libertad… and I think I am finally starting to feel at home.

Moto by the sea
Moto by the sea

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