On to week three of teaching

After almost two months in the Dominican Republic, I have made it through the first two weeks of teaching. I spend most of my free time planning lessons and preparing for the following day. I’ve been getting to know my colleagues and I am truly blessed to have their friendship and support.

The Monument, Santiago’s main attraction

I have been eating well – there are plenty of vegetarian options. I have been cooking a lot and making rice and beans, vegetables, and also eating lots of fruit. There is a mango tree in our backyard and we sampled them this morning. We have also been trying our hand at Dominican cuisine like tostones, and trying our best to cook batata and yucca.

At a restaurant last night: the most vegetables I have seen on one plate here. So delicious.

On weekends, I spend time with other teachers, and even took a trip to the capital to visit some friends. I am taking advantage of my free time to enjoy what this country has to offer. As for this weekend, on Friday, my housemate and I went to the salon, shopped at the supermarket, and made a nice dinner. On Saturday, I visited my host family, about an hour outside Santiago, and spent the afternoon relaxing at their house. I ran into some Americans that I know who gave me a lift back to the city. At night, my housemate and I went to celebrate another teachers’ birthday. Today, we are watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV and lesson planning. It has been nice to spend time with old friends and also get to know new people.

With my housemate

Each day I am learning more about the culture and adjusting from my New York lifestyle. One major difference is the pace of life here; things move at a more relaxed pace. The key is being patient and at peace each moment.

Salon, Friday night.

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