2017 Recap and Looking Forward to 2018

Before January ends I wanted to do a recap of my 2017 and look ahead to a few fun things coming up in 2018! Inspired by Adventurous Kate and This Battered Suitcase who both did some great reflection posts, I put together a list of pretty much EVERYTHING that I did in 2017. It was quite impressive and looking over it all, I could see … Continue reading 2017 Recap and Looking Forward to 2018

Eating my way through the Dominican Republic

Groan… another food post?! About the Dominican Republic? Yes of course!! Maybe you missed the Dominican Food Week series (part 2 and part 3) from when I lived in Santo Domingo, but have no fear. I was back in June to visit friends and family and also attend a friends’ wedding at a resort. It was great to be back and to see everyone. Besides … Continue reading Eating my way through the Dominican Republic

Interview on Expat Finder

I had the pleasure of contributing to Expat Finder with an interview about my life in the Dominican Republic. Please find the full and original interview published here! Find below a few snippets from the interview below: “We’ve had the chance to talk to Sarah Kuras, an American expat who had moved alone to the Dominican Republic for a year. When Ms. Kuras was offered a … Continue reading Interview on Expat Finder

What You Should Ask Yourself Before Moving Abroad

If you are anything like me, with a constant urge to travel and see more of the world and yes, even live somewhere outside of your home country, a job offer or project abroad can be an amazing opportunity. Whether it’s teaching English, working on a nonprofit project with a large organization like Peace Corps, or just packing a backpack and hitting the trail, spending a … Continue reading What You Should Ask Yourself Before Moving Abroad

Losing the Expat Identity

While living in another country has its challenges, repatriation is another process altogether. Returning to your home country seems like it would be easy – it is a culture you are familiar with, a language in which you are fluent, and generally a support network that has deep roots. I’ve written about being an expat in the Dominican Republic, but what happens when you return … Continue reading Losing the Expat Identity