Finding my way

Last week marked six months here in la Republica. In five months, I’ve had two jobs, lived in five apartments and two cities, gone to four beaches, taken countless conchos (public cars), eaten innumerable quantities of tostones, and met so many amazing people. My feet have trekked the streets of Santiago, Santo Domingo, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Esperanza, Batey Libertad… and I think I am finally starting to feel at home.

Moto by the sea
Moto by the sea

I have started a two new jobs in the capital: one as a freelance blogger for a website geared towards tourists, and another almost full-time position teaching English to teenagers, adults and corporate clients. My coworkers and the directors are very friendly and have made me feel welcome, and my students are courteous and hardworking. I appreciate the school’s curricula and well-planned programs.

Additionally, I have been volunteering as the Social Media Coordinator for a nonprofit educational theater organization based in California, managing their Facebook and Twitter. That has been rewarding as I have seen more interactions on the page and I am glad to help with their mission of spreading educational arts to their community.

Boca Chica beach
Boca Chica beach

For the holidays and New Year, I went to New York and saw a lot of family and friends. It was a great recharge and I am looking forward to another visit back to the states. I spent time hanging out at my parents’ houses, and was in the city with friends. For New Years, I went to a friends’ apartment in Washington Heights. Then it was back to the DR. I was whisked away to Boca Chica beach upon my return and witnessed a beautiful sunset.

Adrian Tropical
Sunday Lunch at Adrian Tropical on the Malecon

The following weekend, my friends and I had a delicious feast at Adrian Tropical along the Malecon with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Old man by the sea

I will make more of an effort to keep this blog updated going forwards. I have seen some really amazing things and hope to keep them documented here.

This weekend, I played tourist and went to los Tres Ojos, a natural cave in Santo Domingo Este; el Faro a Colon, where Columbus’ remains are said to rest in a huge monument to him and to the Americas; and to Choco Museo, a little shop that also has workshops making chocolate and sells organic (but very expensive) chocolates and chocolate products.

Los Tres Ojos
Los Tres Ojos
El Faro a Colon
El Faro a Colon
At El Faro a Colon
At El Faro a Colon
Choco Museo
Chocolate at the Choco Museo

So far, 2015 has been incredible and I look forward to what is to come.

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