Holiday Gift List for the New Yorker Who Has it All

As Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching, less than week is left until gifts are presented to family and loved ones. The holidays often can be fraught with many decisions to make. Those who live in the five boroughs may seem to have it all; therefore, gift giving can be quite the challenge. I’m here to make it easier for you. Whether they are a minimalist … Continue reading Holiday Gift List for the New Yorker Who Has it All

Interview on Expat Finder

I had the pleasure of contributing to Expat Finder with an interview about my life in the Dominican Republic. Please find the full and original interview published here! Find below a few snippets from the interview below: “We’ve had the chance to talk to Sarah Kuras, an American expat who had moved alone to the Dominican Republic for a year. When Ms. Kuras was offered a … Continue reading Interview on Expat Finder

New York Lens: Waldain

I hope you all have enjoyed the posts so far in “Lens”, a series of interviews with interesting people talking about what makes their city unique. This week, I spoke with Waldain, is a teacher, comedian and video editor. When he’s not with schoolkids, he’s working on his YouTube channel “for geeks like myself,” Basement Pretzel. There you’ll find video game-related clips and everyday observances … Continue reading New York Lens: Waldain

New York Lens: Rose

The latest installment of Lens, a series of interviews with interesting people in New York and beyond! This week, Rose Silberman-Gorn, an artist and writer who recently moved to New York, offers some tips and thoughts about her new city. Through her artwork, she aims to create a bizarre and beautiful world that viewers can dive into. Her portfolio contains colorful sketches that cross the bridge between … Continue reading New York Lens: Rose

Life after KonMari

Since my return to the United States, after a year abroad, I have completely transformed my relationship with my belongings by following the KonMari method. The method requires going through your belongings by category (for example, clothes, papers, media, miscellaneous), and keeping only what “sparks joy” when you touch it. For those that aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, I’ve listed a few other links at … Continue reading Life after KonMari

Motivation Monday: The Inspirational Quotes I Gave My Students

When I was teaching English in the Dominican Republic, I liked to give my high school-level classes inspirational quotes for them to ponder as a starting activity. Sometimes this would turn into a discussion about historical figures and thought leaders, other times they’d add words to their vocabulary arsenal. Other times, they’d just learn Miss K’s life philosophy. I’ve been a Pinterest user for a … Continue reading Motivation Monday: The Inspirational Quotes I Gave My Students