Museum Weekend: the Met and Noguchi

When I am out and about, I often take photos with every intention of writing a blog post about it or posting on my Instagram.

Sometimes life slips past and I have still yet to post the photos.

So, these are a little late in the game, I know, but wanted to share a few shots from a weekend I spent going to the Metropolitan Museum and also the Noguchi Museum in Queens. That’s right – two in one! Now the Met is one of my favorite museums in THE ENTIRE WORLD (yes, I said it) and I absolutely love going there. I live only 30 minutes away by public transportation, so I certainly should be going there often. Yet I do not go frequently so it’s always a treat.

The Met’s gala always brings much media attention and while I was amused by the attendees outfits this year, I’ll admit I did not ‘get’ the Rei Kawakubo: Comme des Garcons Spring costume exhibit. It was quite unique and thus I will not offer any interpretation, but shall share just three photos so you can get the idea of what the style was like.

Some cloaks at the Rei Kawakubo exhibit.
Nightwear? Funeral attire? Formalwear at the Kawakubo exhibit.
I’m not sure what’s going on here.

We then needed a breather and went up to the roof…

Interesting sculpture to be seen on the Met rooftop.

Then back down to some ‘classic’ art.

I’ve definitely seen this fellow more than once making his sketches.

The following day, it was off to Queens to the Noguchi Museum, magically on a community free day! This museum was on my NYC Bucket List, glad to have checked it off. We were lucky to get there right before a rain storm, especially because the galleries were open to the garden, so that the weather can be felt throughout.

The building itself was minimalist and serene and you could get very close to the artwork. I’ve been into the minimalist aesthetic recently so it was refreshing and peaceful to be in a place that reflected that values. I was inspired by Noguchi’s story and the feeling behind the sculpture. It’s a meditative place, and worth going to if you are in the area.

The Garden at the Noguchi Museum
Sculpture at the Noguchi Museum.
The second floor of the Noguchi Museum.

What are your favorite (or least favorite) museums in your city?

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