Relaxing in the Catskill Region

My family spent a recent weekend in Saugerties, NY, inspired by the success of our trip two years ago to the same area. The Catskills are a convenient location to get to from the city area (especially with a car) and provide a respite from bustling city life. We relaxed in a rented cabin, and spent the time cooking and enjoying the area. As a city girl, it was refreshing to be out in the ‘country’; the air was fresh, there were no clouds, and no one around!

We gave a drone a test run and and were shocked by what could be seen from above the house. It was a bright, clear day with hardly any clouds and you could see for miles and miles.

Catskills by drone

On Saturday we went into Woodstock to wander the town and pick up some groceries. We had lunch at Bread Alone Bakery.

“The best sandwich ever!” Chicken sandwich at Bread Alone in Woodstock
Glorious egg and cheese sandwich at Bread Alone in Woodstock

The town was bustling with visitors and locals alike. A band took up a little square in the town center and played music for the crowd. At the weekly flea market, vendors sold jewelry, old glass bottles, records, natural soaps, and paintings.

Performers rocking out in the middle of Woodstock
Flea Market in Woodstock

That afternoon, we drove to North/South Lake which is within a campground. It was a bit chilly or I would have gone swimming! If we had gone earlier perhaps I could have rented a kayak or canoe to test out the waters.

Kayakers on North South Lake

On Sunday, before heading back to the city, we took a short walk along the path to the Saugerties Lighthouse before it rained. My photos of the lighthouse don’t do it justice so check out their site. I have here two photos along the path to show how lush and magical the walk was, and one with me striking a pose by the lighthouse.

Path to the lighthouse
Magical gate on the way to the lighthouse
Posing at the Saugerties Lighthouse just before the rain

Before heading back downstate, we stopped in Saugerties for lunch. We sampled sandwiches and soups at the Hudson Valley Dessert Co., perused the shelves at the local bookstore, and admired the rocking horses installed along the main street.

“Midsummer Nights” Rocking Horse in Saugerties

Overall it was a welcome respite from the hectic city life, enjoying a cup of coffee outside on the porch in the mornings, spending quality time with family, and exploring the small towns.

Lazy Sundays

What are your weekend away rituals?

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