Photoblog: A Long Weekend in the Adirondacks

For the past few summers, my family has spent a few days in upstate New York, basking in nature and exploring the local towns – usually in the Catskills. It’s always a highly anticipated trip for me, as it is a chance to get out of the city and really relax. My travel style is to pack as much as possible into every trip so I can see all the sites, eat all the food, and wander the cities.

However, when we take trips this far upstate, I take the opportunity to really just unwind, take in the nature, and move at a slower pace. After an overbooked trip in Seattle, which was all my doing, I was ready for this real vacation!

This year, we ventured a bit further north into the Adirondacks, and enjoyed a long weekend in the mountains. We spent most of the weekend relaxing at the cabin, but also got plenty of sun and exercise on some nearby trails and in the nearby town of Lake Placid. Here are a few shots from that relaxing weekend!

Our first morning: a hike up Big Crow Mountain


Swimming in Mirror Lake – Lake Placid’s Public Beach.


Swimming in Chapel Pond
A canoe at Chapel Pond
Beautiful butterfly near Chapel Pond
Soft Serve from Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery
Movie at the Lake Placid Palace Theatre

The Palace Theatre was great – with $6 matinees, it’s an experience not to be missed! The small theaters have real charm, as the building is circa 1926.


Pie at Noon Mark Diner – dangerously delicious – I thought the staff might start to recognize us. They have gluten free and dairy pies and they are quite addictive. 


Pitchoff Trail, which is definitely not for kids. I did not make it to the top. This shows just the gentle beginning, which gives way to challenging rock scrambles.


I returned to the city feeling quite rested, albeit sore from those hikes. My plan since has been to soak up as much of the summer as I possibly can and to enjoy all the fun things NYC has to offer.

What are your summer plans?

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