2017 Recap and Looking Forward to 2018

Before January ends I wanted to do a recap of my 2017 and look ahead to a few fun things coming up in 2018! Inspired by Adventurous Kate and This Battered Suitcase who both did some great reflection posts, I put together a list of pretty much EVERYTHING that I did in 2017. It was quite impressive and looking over it all, I could see … Continue reading 2017 Recap and Looking Forward to 2018

Updates from a No Sugar Month Challenge

Today is August 13, which means I’ve gone 13 days without added sugar! In my last post, when I recapped my Uber Frugal Month Challenge, I mentioned I would be embarking on a new challenge for August. This month, I am doing my very best not to eat anything with added sugar. So far, I have made it through and wanted to share my reflections … Continue reading Updates from a No Sugar Month Challenge

Things I Learned from Doing an “Uber Frugal Month”

Today is the first day of August, meaning that I have made it through the “Uber Frugal Month Challenge” as posed by the inspirational blogger, Frugalwoods, who retired young with her husband and now baby. Her challenge was to prepare yourself for a month of frugal spending and then live as frugally as you can. During the month of July, Mrs. Frugalwoods sent daily emails … Continue reading Things I Learned from Doing an “Uber Frugal Month”

Holiday Gift List for the New Yorker Who Has it All

As Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching, less than week is left until gifts are presented to family and loved ones. The holidays often can be fraught with many decisions to make. Those who live in the five boroughs may seem to have it all; therefore, gift giving can be quite the challenge. I’m here to make it easier for you. Whether they are a minimalist … Continue reading Holiday Gift List for the New Yorker Who Has it All

Life after KonMari

Since my return to the United States, after a year abroad, I have completely transformed my relationship with my belongings by following the KonMari method. The method requires going through your belongings by category (for example, clothes, papers, media, miscellaneous), and keeping only what “sparks joy” when you touch it. For those that aren’t familiar with Marie Kondo, I’ve listed a few other links at … Continue reading Life after KonMari

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Streamlining my life: Purging the KonMari Way

I have been back in New York two weeks now after living in the Dominican Republic for a year. While re-acclimating to the culture and the pace of life, and catching up with friends and family, it continues to amaze me how easy it is to do things (calling a cab, going to a supermarket etc) and everything is in English! For now I am living with my family, but I am planning to move into the city within the next few months.

Crazily, during my first week back, I did a major purge. I had things at both of my parents’ houses that I hadn’t seen for a year. I had been living with only a few bags during my time abroad and I was able to function and dress myself every day. While I did pick up some household goods in the Dominican Republic, I left them all behind along with clothes and shoes I wouldn’t wear again. I also gave away all my books and school supplies. Knowing that I really did not need much to live comfortably, I was in the right mindset to overhaul everything I had collected (ahem, hoarded) in New York.

Bags packed and ready to go
My possessions in the Dominican Republic after 6 months, before moving to a new apartment.

Continue reading “Streamlining my life: Purging the KonMari Way”