The Midway Point

Hello dear readers! It has been six months since my last post. It has been a busy year personally. Looking ahead, I don’t have any trips or big projects scheduled so I wanted to write a quick update and also hope to give myself the momentum needed to keep this blog going. My Instagram has lots of colorful photos so if you need some inspiration or want to follow, check it out here.

So far this year, I’ve explored my new neighborhood – East Harlem – where I used to work, and eaten my way through New York City, started going to the gym, read a lot of books, made a few trips within New York State, have traveled back to the Dominican Republic (hint of post to come!).

This month, I am trying out the Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month Challenge. I was inspired by Cait Flanders’ shopping ban, and with that in mind I am happy for a framework and the daily emails from Frugalwoods (thanks!) The challenge encompasses taking a real stock of your spending and living as frugally as you can. It’s day three – we did eat at Shake Shack yesterday, but took the subway home instead of an Uber, as originally planned. It’s a learning experience! And one of the lessons is: plan ahead so you’re not hungry on the road!

Delicious burgers at Shake Shack.

Since I don’t have any big trips planned (while I do have a wish list), I want to experience New York City as a visitor!

For now, a few photos from my visit to Hunter’s Point South Park in Long Island City! I took the subway there, but then took the NYC Ferry back to Manhattan. It felt like I was really on vacation. The ferry was very easy and was only $2.75. While you can’t use your Metro card, it was simple to buy the tickets from the little kiosk before boarding, and it is just a few minutes from the park until docking at East 34th Street.

Unique benches at the park.
Giant sandbox!
A view of the pier and the Manhattan skyline.

Wishing you all a very happy 4th tomorrow and safe travels!

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