Website Redesign

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new design for the Center for Civic Engagement’s website. It finally went live yesterday. It is a mash-up of our old site using a new template. I am hoping that it is easier to navigate so users can find information quickly. I used a lot from our old page since I didn’t want to make too many drastic changes, but I wanted to give it a really clean yet colorful look.

Since the office has a very strong social media strategy, (last year the CCE was given an award for the use of innovative social media) there is now an entire column on the right-hand side dedicated to media, including a link to the archives of the radio show, news articles about the CCE, links to all of the social media platforms, and a Facebook plugin.

The other change are the pink left side navigational boxes, divided up to help certain users of the site – students, faculty and community partners.

Of course there will be changes as different needs arise, but it was really rewarding to see something I’ve worked on “come to life”.

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