Final Semester

It’s finally here. The last semester. I have 68 days until graduation! It will be bitter sweet as this city has been my home for five years now. I have a fantastic job on campus, I’m in a challenging but rewarding program, I have incredible friends,and I live in a great house with great people. I suppose all good things must come to an end. So is life. However I am looking forward to whatever the next step may be, where ever I end up next year!

I am still missing the Dominican Republic. The three weeks I spent there in January were incredible. I share with you this picture, en route from the capital Santo Domingo to Cabarete, on the north coast. Most time was spent in the Cibao region on the eastern part of the country, about half an hour outside of Santiago. There, I met amazing people, saw unbelievable things and can say now my Spanish is much improved! I learned how to make berenjena, tostones and moro.


What a beautiful country. I hope I can go back.

As my time as a student winds down, I still find myself busy with the job search, working part-time, and of course a full course load. Who said a MBA was easy? It’s definitely worth it, as I know I am closer to my goals because of this program.

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