This is Us – Youth Theater

Part of living in a community, to me, means giving back to the community and participating in its cultural life. As my neighborhood of Washington Heights is slowly becoming gentrified, as demonstrated by various new establishments, I am trying to become involved in some community-based efforts that enrich the neighborhood from the bottom up – from the community, for the community. As you may have … Continue reading This is Us – Youth Theater

No soy maestra – Teaching English, or How to Volunteer in NYC

I’ve never taken education classes. I spend a majority of my time in an office at a computer all day, but one evening a week, for an hour and a half, I am “teacher!” With a dry erase marker in hand, I struggle to explain in Spanish or English to a small group of what an “eyelash” is, or how to ask a question. I … Continue reading No soy maestra – Teaching English, or How to Volunteer in NYC

On making community connections

Back when I was a sophomore in 2009, I was a member of Catalysts for Intellectual Capital 2020, a leadership/entrepreneurship seminar. This course radically changed my path, not only my course of study but my outlook and attitude. After five years in Binghamton I can really see the divide between the campus and community, which was first brought to my attention in CIC 2020. The … Continue reading On making community connections


I am taking an Entrepreneurship class at Binghamton University and the class revolves around a business plan competition. My idea for a new company, BScene, is now the basis for one of eight teams. Our mission is to host the best parties for upperclassmen at the area’s higher education institutions, graduate students, and young professionals. We will work with local businesses and organizations to make … Continue reading BScene

Come together

Almost two months after the devastating flood in September, it has been released that BAE, one of the area’s largest employers, will not be returning to their Westover plant. The plant was flooded in early September. Government officials are hoping they stay in the area, but are not sure what other facilities can provide the same space requirements and security. Hopefully they will remain in … Continue reading Come together