Gimme More! Augmented Reality – Opening

I went to the opening reception of Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium? at Eyebeam tonight. Augmented reality is what happens when computer-generated sound, images, etc are used while directly or indirectly viewing the world around you. This can range from something like a motion-sensor video game sensing your movements, to video goggles … Continue reading Gimme More! Augmented Reality – Opening

BScene Launch Event

Our first BScene event was a success! This past Thursday, December 1st, we brought 100 people together at Mad Moose in downtown Binghamton for a networking event. There were guests from Binghamton University, especially from the Graduate Management Association, who was our co-sponsor,  Southern Tier Young Professionals, BAE, and BingSpot, among others. Wavelength Audio Productions did … Continue reading BScene Launch Event