Gimme More! Augmented Reality – Opening

I went to the opening reception of Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium? at Eyebeam tonight.

Augmented reality is what happens when computer-generated sound, images, etc are used while directly or indirectly viewing the world around you. This can range from something like a motion-sensor video game sensing your movements, to video goggles that change what you actually perceive as reality. It’s an exciting field, which can be used for training, education, and art, as exemplified tonight, but as with all technology, could be greatly misused.

At the exhibit, there were multiple pieces in which guests could participate. Turning pages of a book, for example, would change the display on a computer screen, with different images correlating to different pages. An artist applied temporary tattoos to guests, that, when viewed through a video camera, would appear to move.

Overall though, the exhibit was fun. I think we’ll see more and more participatory art like this going forwards, where we are not just viewers but creators.

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