Unique New York: Mother of Pearl

I recently got back in touch with two friends from high school at a reunion (which one I won’t say) and suggested meeting up for drinks at a tiki bar that had piqued my interest, Mother of Pearl, which has been serving Polynesian-themed drinks and vegetarian food for the past few years in the East Village. It looked absolutely kitschy and I had to check … Continue reading Unique New York: Mother of Pearl

The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Most New Yorkers have heard of Shakespeare in the Park, meaning the big festival in Central Park. I have had the fortune of attending performances the past two years and they were both spectacular. But a far fewer number have heard of or attended the free uptown iteration in Marcus Garvey Park. Not only does this company’s productions rival the renowned Public Theater’s shows, but … Continue reading The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

The Tempest storms through Harlem

Originally written and published on Uptown Flavor, 7/24/2015 This summer’s uptown iteration of Shakespeare in the Park brought The Tempest to the island of Hispaniola. I have attended the Classical Theatre of Harlem’s summer Shakespeare productions for the past three years and I hope to see next summer’s production. I have absolutely loved everything I have seen with the company thus far and am continuously … Continue reading The Tempest storms through Harlem

Beyond the Machine

This past Friday, I caught a free show at Juilliard, Beyond the Machine. Students in the film, music and dance programs came together to perform and showcase their multi-disciplinary projects. Friday’s show opened with Versions, with a drama student and violinist working together with a backdrop of altered images. The drama student spoke on how people prefer photoshopped images. The film displayed while they performed … Continue reading Beyond the Machine

Your Day is My Night – World Premiere at MoMA

Last night, I went with a friend from college to MoMA Film for the world premiere of Your Day is My Night, a documentary/experimental film by Lynne Sachs about “shift-bed” apartments in Chinatown. The characters told vignettes about their lives; meanwhile, a new tenant moves into a crowded apartment with Asian immigrants in an effort to experience a different way of life. The producer, crew, … Continue reading Your Day is My Night – World Premiere at MoMA

Gimme More! Augmented Reality – Opening

I went to the opening reception of Gimme More: Is Augmented Reality the Next Medium? at Eyebeam tonight. Augmented reality is what happens when computer-generated sound, images, etc are used while directly or indirectly viewing the world around you. This can range from something like a motion-sensor video game sensing your movements, to video goggles that change what you actually perceive as reality. It’s an … Continue reading Gimme More! Augmented Reality – Opening

BScene Launch Event

Our first BScene event was a success! This past Thursday, December 1st, we brought 100 people together at Mad Moose in downtown Binghamton for a networking event.┬áThere were guests from Binghamton University, especially from the Graduate Management Association, who was our co-sponsor, ┬áSouthern Tier Young Professionals, BAE, and BingSpot, among others. Wavelength Audio Productions did our sound, and Royal Pearl Productions and Masamune Productions from … Continue reading BScene Launch Event