Memorable Meals of Mexico City

Last February, my husband and I spent a week in Mexico City as a somewhat belated honeymoon. We love to eat and tried a number of different restaurants in the city. Here’s a little review of the most memorable meals we had during our trip. We stayed in Roma Norte so you’ll see some of my reviews are for eats in that neighborhood. A side note that I am a pescatarian (I eat fish but no other meat or poultry), and it was incredibly easy to find things to eat, or to customize dishes if needed.

I found many of the restaurants by perusing Yelp and Foursquare, but we were equally as lucky when we stumbled upon places by chance, which is the magical aspect of traveling. Mexico City is definitely a foodie’s city, with fresh food mercados in most neighborhoods, street food stalls, and restaurants aplenty, there’s no reason to cook!

Service in Mexico City was superb, always gracious, professional, and accommodating when I asked for a substitution. The food was always well-presented and tasty. No matter your budget, dietary needs, or preferences there are options in Mexico City, whether you want cheap street eats, or high-end dining.

Brunch at Azul

Our first morning, we took the metro to Azul Historico, a beautiful restaurant in the historic central district serving traditional food. While higher priced than other options, it was a gorgeous setting for a delicious meal. Highlights included the blue corn tortillas, and watching the server prepare traditional hot chocolate at the table.

Meal at a market

This was one of my husband’s favorite meals and unfortunately we can’t remember which market we ate it at! He had chorizo and scrambled eggs served with freshly made blue corn tortillas.

Huevos Rancheros

One morning, on our way to Chapultapec Park, we stopped in Cafe El Asturiano, a cozy diner-style restaurant. It was packed with locals, and had ample seating and good service. When we went back on a Saturday we were heartbroken to find it was only open on weekdays! I bet this is a favorite of many locals who work in the neighborhood.

The counter at Wanwan Sakaba.

In search of a meal before heading to a dance performance one evening, we popped by Wanwan Sakaba for Japanese food, not too far from the Sevilla metro station. I had a great vegetarian soup. Once inside this restaurant did not feel like it was in the middle of Mexico!

Vegetarian soup at Wanwan Sakaba

Another of my husband’s favorite meals were the tacos at the street cart, also near the Sevilla metro station, on the north side of the street. These were extremely well priced, tasty and filling.

Cafe de Tacuba

On our last night we ate dinner at Cafe de Tacuba, a restaurant in the historic district that opened in 1912. With beautifully tiled walls and paintings, it almost feels like you’re in a museum. The food wasn’t spectacular but it was a nice way to end the trip.

A full table of food at Cafe de Tacuba.

I got my favorite dish: enchiladas, my husband got some tamales, and we also ordered plantains. I had my eye on some desserts in the window but when we finished eating I was so full I didn’t have any room!

We definitely ate our fill during that week, and I’m hoping to post more soon (sweets of Mexico perhaps!) Stay tuned!

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