InsideOut Project in East Harlem

My photos are now part of the international Inside Out Project, “a large-scale participatory art project that turns messages of individual identity into pieces of artistic work.” This is a project of the artist JR.

They are now in the community garden.

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I hope that anyone passing by these portraits will recognize that the East Harlem community is made up of individuals with their own stories.

(1) Iris, who crochets for other people in the senior center
(2) This man, proud of his Puerto Rican heritage, is 93 years old
(3) Lillian, from Baltimore, part of the dance ensemble at her senior center
(4) Luis, from Puerto Rico, used to play baseball
(5) Rosa, who does not speak English

One thought on “InsideOut Project in East Harlem

  1. JR is truly an inspiring artist. It’s so wonderful that your photos have joined his movement 🙂 His speech on TED is the best I have ever heard in my life.

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