New York Lens: Lauren

This month, I’m starting a new section called “Lens”, where interesting people in New York (and beyond) contribute their thoughts on the city where they live, as well as photographs of their favorite places.

First up is Lauren, a DIY fashion blogger based in New York. Her blog, Trend-mix was designed to bridge the gap between the fashion world and the DIY world. Check out her blog for colorful tutorials for fashion accessories, home decor, gifts and more!

What brought you to New York City?

I’m from NY and could never imagine living anywhere else (mostly because of the pizza).

Lincoln Center (Photo © Trend-mix)

What are some unique “New York City” things you’ve done or seen?

Walking through NYC is always inspiring!  There are so many sights, people, architecture, stores, fashion… As a big fan of fashion two of my favorite spots to go to are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (otherwise known as the Met) and the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum (it’s free!)

Lily Pulitzer store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (Photo © Trend-mix)

What was your most unexpected New York moment?

I suppose it was expected for me, but not for everyone else.  I once danced in a flash mob in Central Park. A woman was surprised with an engagement proposal (and she said yes!).

Central Park (Photo © Trend-mix)

What would you recommend to someone looking for a New York experience?

Just walk around and trust me you’ll find something that interests you!

What should someone know when they come to New York?

People are a lot nicer than you think.  Just be careful and have some street smarts.

Visit Lauren’s blog,  Trend-mix, for DIY fashion tutorials, reviews, and more!


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