Happy birthday to me, and fourth blogiversary!

June marks not only my birthday month, but four years of this blog! I have written blogs since 2009, and started this blog in June 2011 (you can find more of my posts elsewhere on the web here) and it has been absolutely fun. Creating new content, sharing my photographs and stories, and making connections is so rewarding and I hope for many more successful years. To celebrate, I’ve chosen a new layout for the blog! I hope you all like it and I welcome any ideas you may have to improve the site. I wanted to thank those who have been helpful to me over the past few months with this blog. The following three women have been instrumental supporting me and this blog during 2015.

Fashionista and Marketing Maven Lauren at Trend Mix Blog

Lauren at Trend Mix
Lauren at Trend Mix

Her blog is fantastic with great DIY projects. I am inspired by her ability to market her blog and grow her network. Did I mention her great fashion sense and creativity?

Linguist and Thinker Angie at La Cubana en la Republica

Go Angie Bet
Go Angie Bet

A fellow American in Santo Domingo, Angela is a wonderful supporter and great writer herself. She writes witty commentary about her life in the Dominican Republic and has been helping me throughout the writing process.

Web Designer Claudia Mei

Claudia Mei
Claudia Mei

Claudia has been a positive force in my life for years and I am grateful for her encouragement and plethora of ideas! She also has a keen sense of design which I appreciate. Check out her work on her website and also her newest project, Plaits.

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