Dominican Food Week: Drinks of the DR (Part 2)

For the second installation of my Dominican Food Week, here are some delicious beverages I have enjoyed in the Dominican Republic. Read part one here about Snacks of the Dominican Republic.

Cafe Santo Domingo
Cafe Santo Domingo

Dominicans love coffee – very very sweetened coffee. Cafe Santo Domingo is a popular brand, and is to my liking as it has a light flavor.

Natural Juices
Natural Juices – Strawberry and Chinola at Neptuno’s

One of the best things about living here is the availability of fresh juices at very affordable prices. A cup of fresh natural juice usually costs under a dollar. My two favorite flavors are shown above – Fresa (strawberry) and Chinola (passionfruit).

Chocolate Milk Shake
Chocolate Milk Shake at Square One in Santiago

When I lived in Santiago, my friends and I used to go to Square One, a popular diner style restaurant, to get snacks and milkshakes. They were amazing.

Caramel Chocolate Milkshake
Caramel Chocolate Milkshake
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea was a huge deal in Binghamton, where I went to school, so for old times sake, I bought one at Agora Mall. This one was Green Tea Mango flavor with tapioca balls. True to form, it was overpoweringly sweet.

Mojito at Cay Bar in Santiago

While I rarely drink alcohol, my favorite beverage at night is the Mojito – a mixed drink made with lime, mint, soda and rum. It is a very popular drink here and is affordable as well – about $3-4 USD.

Mojito in a Mason Jar
Mojito in a Mason Jar at Queen Elizabeth in Santiago
Bartender prepares shots at Queen Elizabeth

I don’t know what these shots are, but they looked good.

Presidente Beer

Last but not least, the classic Presidente Beer, enjoyed by all. This light beer can be found everywhere on the island.

Stay tuned for the final installation of Dominican Food week! I hope you enjoyed this delectable post!

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