Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank Lauren from Trend-Mix Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Trend-Mix is a blog dedicated to DIY fashion, with an eye on the latest trends. She posts tutorials on everything from zippered leggings to funky accessories. Check her out also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Versatile Blogger Award

As a nominee, I have to select 15 other bloggers (I will choose 5) for this award and list 7 facts about myself.


  1. Uptown Flavor – what’s going on in Harlem, NYC
  2. One More Step – ideas from a NYC composer
  3. Moderately Extreme Travel – World traveler blog
  4. Travel Morgan Travel – Another world traveler blog with great tips.
  5. Word Up Books – Community Bookshop in Washington Heights

Seven Facts:

  1. I grew up surrounded by music and can play guitar, piano, viola, African drums (Ewe region), and sing.
  2. I have been vegetarian since 2007. It is a personal choice.
  3. I started dancing in college, starting with a West African music ensemble. When I moved to NYC, I took lessons in Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.
  4. My biggest regret from college is not having studied abroad, which inspired me to move to the Dominican Republic.
  5. As part of my an Entrepreneurship class during my MBA program, my classmates and I developed and implemented a business plan for a real company. We launched by holding a successful networking event with over 100 attendees.
  6. I absolutely love my family. I am blessed with amazing people on all sides of my family and I draw my inspiration from them.
  7. Although I love to travel, I have been to only five countries, and I hope to add more to the list.

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