8 Funky Things to Find in Seattle

While spending the week in Seattle, I came across some things that I thought were definitely worth a visit due to their unique or fun nature!

Fremont Troll seeking another car!

1. Fremont Troll: this popular but creepy troll sculpture resides under the Aurora Bridge in the Fremont neighborhood and is actually gripping a real car in its troll hands! On a side note, Fremont thinks it’s the Center of the Universe and there’s a sign to prove it.


Rachel the Pig

2. Rachel the Pig: this friendly face can be found in the Pike Place Market. She’s actually a literal piggy bank, collecting money for the Market Foundation, which supports the Senior Center, Food Bank, and other social services at the market. Her cousin, Billie, sits in another section of the market.


Gum Wall in Pike Place Market

3. Gum Wall: Probably the grossest section of the market, this wall of gum is a ‘collective art project’ from locals and visitors alike. Apparently the wall was scraped clean in 2015, but gum slowly crept back up onto the walls.

Seafood to Go!

4. 48-Hour Fish: at the Market, you can have fish packed to stay fresh for 48 hours. It’s like having a mini fridge in your suitcase!

Amazon Spheres

5. Amazon Spheres: Amazon’s Seattle offices are filled with plants! You can visit the “Understory”, which to me felt a little bit like walking into a part of Jurassic Park, or book a visit to see the actual offices.


Carefully organized games in Mox Boarding House

6. Mox Boarding House and Cafe: This beautiful gaming shop in Ballard has pretty much any board or card game you could imagine, with plenty of tables to play. You can also ‘rent’ a game from their library to play in store.


Your mother was a hamster!

7. Museum of Pop Culture: This museum, also known as MoPOP, is an homage to all things pop culture. Carefully curated exhibitions highlight costumes and props from your favorite movies. We saw special exhibits on Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses, and Indie Game Revolution. My favorite, however, was a helmet from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the Fantasy exhibit.


Adorable pandas

8. Uwaijimaya: This supermarket chain has specialties from all over Asia. It’s a great place to pick up staples, snacks and has a lovely selection of home goods and beauty products for yourself, or to buy as gifts. Here I saw the cutest Panda mugs and wanted to take them all home!!

How many from my list have you seen, and what would you add?


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