Three Tasty Mexico City Markets to Explore

Last week, my husband and I had our belated honeymoon in Mexico City! With a week to see as many sights as possible, I planned a weeklong itinerary that included museums, cultural and heritage sites, lots of food, and also some down time to rest. Much has been said about Mexico City, and rightly so. I scoured the internet for advice, guides, and itineraries, and also asked some colleagues who had been there recently.

Pineapples for sale.

I was saddened to hear Friday night that another large earthquake hit Mexico, while it seems the impact was far from Mexico City, it is scary to think that could happen again. The city seems to have recovered from the devastating quake in September, but streets and public places are marked with reunion points and instructions on what to do in case of an earthquake. It’s not something I’m used to in New York.

Mexico City was a wonderful place to honeymoon – the dollar is strong so we were able to eat at incredible restaurants, travel around the city, and fill our days with fun, new things. It was the first time either of us had been to Mexico. Our favorite thing was the food markets – it was fun exploring the different stalls filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, sweets, and other goods. Each market we went to had its own distinct feeling. Here, I’ll compare three that we visited.

Mercado de la Merced

Mercado de la Merced, a bustling, crowded market, felt like the mother of all markets. It’s narrow passageways never ended. While well organized and clean, it was hectic and overwhelming. Anything you could possibly want was for sale at this market, and beautifully displayed. We ate at a taco stand in the middle of it all.

Vendors sell beautifully displayed produce at Mercado de la Merced.
Taco McTeo at Mercao de la Merced.
Jackfruit hangs above fresh mangoes.
Whether you need party supplies or produce, the market has it all.

Mercado Coyoacán

This market was definitely geared more for tourists, with the vendors near the entrances selling souvenirs – ceramics, bags, and beaded jewelry. We had lunch in the cafeteria section before going to to the Casa Azul down the street, and enjoyed great service and a very affordable meal.

Dried fruits and candies at Coyoacán.
Freshly prepared meals at the cafeteria in Mercado Coyoacán.
Flower vendors in a row.

Mercado Medellín

By far my favorite market, Mercado Medellín is located in the Roma Sur neighborhood, was a much more tranquil experience. We went on a Saturday morning while vendors were still setting up for the day. With wider aisles, a number of vendors making fresh juice and smoothies, and a separate cafeteria section, the market felt like a comfortable place to take a stroll and stock up on produce for the week (or for the day!)

Jugeria Medellin
Jugeria Medellín, fresh smoothies and juices!
Breakfast at Mercado Medellín – scrambled eggs with chorizo, blue corn tortillas, salsa, lime and onion.

Diners at the cafeteria in Medellín Market seemed to be families enjoying breakfast, runners before heading home from their workout, and a few tourists. It was a comfortable market to walk around and try the prepared foods.

The markets were definitely the highlight of our trip – a feast for all senses!

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