Quick Update and Great News

Hello readers! It’s been a great couple of weeks for me. First, two great internet updates:

1) I have been listed on ExpatsBlog.com, a blog directory for expats from all over the world living in other countries. Check out my listing here and leave a comment about my blog! It will be appreciated.

2) My post on “What Not to Do in the Dominican Republic” was featured on DR Sisterhood, a website with information about the Dominican Republic. Take a look here on DR Sisterhood!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Second, a few updates on life here in Santo Domingo. I started Spanish classes about a month ago (I tested into level 3 of 5) and I have been getting to know my classmates who are all very interesting and have diverse backgrounds and experiences. To accommodate my 8 hours of class a week, I have cut back my hours at work to allow time for studying.

One of my closest friends from childhood came to visit last week and we had a wonderful few days exploring Santo Domingo together.

Hazelnut Pinkberry with Oreo’s and Strawberries

We had some delicious food at restaurant’s and cafes, and saw live music at Hard Rock Cafe in Blue Mall.

Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo
Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo
At the Columbus Statue in Zona Colonial
Here we are at the Columbus Statue in Zona Colonial

We spent a day wandering around El Conde in Zona Colonial, and the following day relaxing at Pelicano’s in Boca Chica and enjoying the warm waters and a delicious meal. It was great to see her and go on a “mini-vacation.”

Pelicano's, Boca Chica
Pelicano’s, Boca Chica
Seafood Paella at Pelicano's
Seafood Paella at Pelicano’s
Fried Fish at Pelicano's
Fried Fish at Pelicano’s

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