Lens on June 2018

We're about halfway through the year, which is wild because wasn't it just January yesterday? This month, like each month, was jam packed with food, fun, and lots of books. First I wanted to give an update on my 2018 goals. I wanted to eat less sugar, read more books, and join a music group. I … Continue reading Lens on June 2018

Lens on May 2018

Hi friends! Here's the first of hopefully many installments of my Monthly Lens series, where I provide a roundup of a few fun things I've been up to the past month. In addition to the below, I was also in Seattle for a week, and I'll write about that trip in a separate post! Restaurants … Continue reading Lens on May 2018

Things I Learned from Doing an “Uber Frugal Month”

Today is the first day of August, meaning that I have made it through the "Uber Frugal Month Challenge" as posed by the inspirational blogger, Frugalwoods, who retired young with her husband and now baby. Her challenge was to prepare yourself for a month of frugal spending and then live as frugally as you can. … Continue reading Things I Learned from Doing an “Uber Frugal Month”