Lens on September 2018

After many weeks of unbearably hot NYC weather in September complete with grime, sweat, and too-cool subways, it's finally fall and boy does it feel like it. I've stocked up on pumpkin-flavored goodies from Trader Joe's and have broken into my stash of cool-weather clothes that have been sitting for months in their plastic storage … Continue reading Lens on September 2018


Lens on August 2018

With this month coming to a close, I feel the wings of fall beating around the corner! Fortunately it is still blazing hot so I don't think summer is going to let go without a fight. This month felt busy and quiet at the same time. I was so glad to have a long holiday … Continue reading Lens on August 2018

Unique New York: Open Garden Day NYC (Harlem style)

On Saturday, July 14, NYC Parks GreenThumb hosted the first ever Open Garden Day NYC! Over 70 community gardens across the five boroughs were all open at the same time, in celebration of GreenThumb’s 40th Anniversary. Gardens were either hosting a workshop, having a concert, or just being open for gardeners to give a tour … Continue reading Unique New York: Open Garden Day NYC (Harlem style)