A Fresh Start

Santo Domingo
View from the residential community in Santo Domingo.

I am writing from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, where I moved three weeks ago. It is still in the 80s here, which is fantastic, as my home city of New York is in the low 70s. I do miss the changing foliage, but not the harsh winter months that it signals.

Zona Colonial
Alcázar de Colón – Historical Site in Santo Domingo in Zona Colonial

Currently, I am focusing on finding work in my area of expertise – nonprofit development, marketing, communications. Currently I am assisting two organizations with their social media remotely – one is a DIY fashion blog based in New York and I am helping a little with their Twitter, the second is a nonprofit educational theater organization based in California, and I will assist with their social media platforms as well as their launch of a new blog.

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This is Us – Youth Theater

Part of living in a community, to me, means giving back to the community and participating in its cultural life. As my neighborhood of Washington Heights is slowly becoming gentrified, as demonstrated by various new establishments, I am trying to become involved in some community-based efforts that enrich the neighborhood from the bottom up – from the community, for the community. As you may have … Continue reading This is Us – Youth Theater

No soy maestra – Teaching English, or How to Volunteer in NYC

I’ve never taken education classes. I spend a majority of my time in an office at a computer all day, but one evening a week, for an hour and a half, I am “teacher!” With a dry erase marker in hand, I struggle to explain in Spanish or English to a small group of what an “eyelash” is, or how to ask a question. I … Continue reading No soy maestra – Teaching English, or How to Volunteer in NYC

Serving the Community

The flood that occurred here in Binghamton in September was devastating, and now, over a month later, there is still work to be done. Clean up, removal of debris, mold removal, drywall removal, ripping up hardwood floors, and this is just the beginning. There will need to be rebuilding. People are still getting their lives on track, maybe waiting for financial aid, maybe waiting for … Continue reading Serving the Community