The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Most New Yorkers have heard of Shakespeare in the Park, meaning the big festival in Central Park. I have had the fortune of attending performances the past two years and they were both spectacular. But a far fewer number have heard of or attended the free uptown iteration in Marcus Garvey Park. Not only does this company’s productions rival the renowned Public Theater’s shows, but … Continue reading The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Five Fun Ways to Enjoy Santo Domingo on the Cheap

The best things in life really are free, or cheap. The same is true for things to do in Santo Domingo. Living by the coast in a major city allows for plenty of fun things to do on a budget. As you know, I am living on a Dominican salary so I am doing my best to live within my means. Here are a few things that I do for fun, or things I would recommend for first-time visitors to Santo Domingo.

1) Stroll along the Malecon

The Malecon, or the esplanade along the sea along the southern stretch of Santo Domingo, is a beautiful place to relax or take photographs. While some sections can be a little questionable in the evenings, it is a gorgeous drive or walk. Top spots along the Malecon for me are Park Guibia and Adrian Tropical. Guibia has a gazebo on the water, a volleyball court, playground, little shops and food stands, and an outdoor gymnasium. At night, this park becomes a lively place to share drinks with friends. If you have some money to spend, head over to Adrian Tropical Restaurant for mofongo (mashed plaintains), seafood, a cold cerveza (beer), or mixed drinks.

The view from the Malecon

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Beyond the Machine

This past Friday, I caught a free show at Juilliard, Beyond the Machine. Students in the film, music and dance programs came together to perform and showcase their multi-disciplinary projects. Friday’s show opened with Versions, with a drama student and violinist working together with a backdrop of altered images. The drama student spoke on how people prefer photoshopped images. The film displayed while they performed … Continue reading Beyond the Machine

Weekly Radio Show Thursdays 8:30-10pm

My weekly radio show will be Thursdays from 8:30-10pm. You can listen live online at or if you’re in the Binghamton area at WHRW 90.5 FM. This is going on year five for me as a DJ and over the years I have expanded from just playing music to having interviews and discussing current issues on campus and in the community. It has been … Continue reading Weekly Radio Show Thursdays 8:30-10pm