The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

Most New Yorkers have heard of Shakespeare in the Park, meaning the big festival in Central Park. I have had the fortune of attending performances the past two years and they were both spectacular. But a far fewer number have heard of or attended the free uptown iteration in Marcus Garvey Park. Not only does this company’s productions rival the renowned Public Theater’s shows, but … Continue reading The Scottish Play Strikes Harlem

What to Do In: New York City almost for Free (Essentials!)

I am back in my home state and have finished getting settled in. I truly love New York and I am glad to be back. I’ve missed the parks, the culture, and variety of vegetarian food options! Not to mention the quiet. I never thought I would say that! Yes, New York City with all its crowds and cars is quieter than Santo Domingo. In Santo Domingo, cars honk, motorcycles weave through the traffic to get to the front, vendors shout about their wares (Aguacate! Aguacate y guineo!!), and merengue blasts. In New York, there is a quiet hum that covers all — cars whooshing by, people talking on their phones or to eachother, but overall the sounds are not disruptive. I reveled in it yesterday.

New York Skyline from New Jersey
New York Skyline from New Jersey

When my friend from Italy, who I met in Santo Domingo, told me he would be stopping through New York City for a day and a half en route back home, he posed me with the question that makes every New Yorker question all that is dear: What should I do in New York? Continue reading “What to Do In: New York City almost for Free (Essentials!)”

This is Us – Youth Theater

Part of living in a community, to me, means giving back to the community and participating in its cultural life. As my neighborhood of Washington Heights is slowly becoming gentrified, as demonstrated by various new establishments, I am trying to become involved in some community-based efforts that enrich the neighborhood from the bottom up – from the community, for the community. As you may have … Continue reading This is Us – Youth Theater

Beyond the Machine

This past Friday, I caught a free show at Juilliard, Beyond the Machine. Students in the film, music and dance programs came together to perform and showcase their multi-disciplinary projects. Friday’s show opened with Versions, with a drama student and violinist working together with a backdrop of altered images. The drama student spoke on how people prefer photoshopped images. The film displayed while they performed … Continue reading Beyond the Machine

Your Day is My Night – World Premiere at MoMA

Last night, I went with a friend from college to MoMA Film for the world premiere of Your Day is My Night, a documentary/experimental film by Lynne Sachs about “shift-bed” apartments in Chinatown. The characters told vignettes about their lives; meanwhile, a new tenant moves into a crowded apartment with Asian immigrants in an effort to experience a different way of life. The producer, crew, … Continue reading Your Day is My Night – World Premiere at MoMA